10 Beautiful Villas In Alibaug With Unmissable Views

Not every holiday needs weeks of planning and hours of packing. Some holidays need one backpack and a quick drive to the nearest holiday destination. And what if we said you could be there within an hour? That’s right. These 10 splendid villas in Alibaug are just a hop, skip, and jump away from you! You can choose to drive down and enjoy the scenic routes or simply jump on a boat and take a water ride to wherever you wish. The RoRo ferry will get you from Mumbai to Mandwa in less than 60 minutes — with you, your vehicle, and your pets! Get ready for some exquisite Alibaug beach views, mouthwatering local food, and plush beds to simply sink into. 

1. SaffronStays Beach Blues

At Beach Blues, you can get all the Goa trip feels with none of the lengthy travelling! The beach is right by your side, and the brightly coloured villa keeps those happy vibes going. Ideal for a holiday with 2-3 small families, this holiday home in Alibaug ensures all-round entertainment. It is packed with board games, has a lawn for a game of badminton and the pool and poolside swing are the best spots to chill and chit-chat with your loved ones. 

No. of guests: 8-12

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Beach Blues

2. SaffronStays Casa Di Fortuna 

Looking for a party vibe? SaffronStays Casa Di Fortuna has everything you need for a night of revelry — a pool with a spacious deck, quirky interiors, and a bar counter to make the perfect cocktail! You can head to the beach for a gorgeous sunset or stay in and enjoy the home theatre system. Meanwhile, the in-house staff will cater to your tastes for every meal. Don’t forget to try their special prawn curry! 

No. of guests: 8-14

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Casa Di Fortuna

3. SaffronStays Areca Villa

This 4-BHK private villa in Alibaug with an abundance of greenery and mountains is perfect to disconnect! The outdoor pool with its own fountain, cosy dining area and expansive lawn provide ample space for you and your guests to bond. But you can also savour moments like digging into scrumptious vegetarian fare, play board games with the fam or have a karaoke night. A barefoot walk on the beach with the cool breeze against your skin at Awas Beach is what you can end your day with. In fact, you have more options to choose from including Kihim Beach and Varsoli Beach 15 minutes away!

No. of guests: 10-20

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Areca Villa

3. SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills

A 4-bedroom private pool villa with its lip-smacking food and serene beaches is what awaits you at this stylish holiday destination with a quick boat ride. Just 10-minutes from Murud Beach, this villa featured in Grazia India as one of the best private villas ideal for a weekend getaway near Mumbai offers a large swimming pool and spacious rooms accommodating a large group of people. These charming interiors are easy on the eyes as well as your camera lens! You can disconnect from the world and enjoy SaffronStays Adora Woods and Hills many features, including a swimming pool, open gazebo and much more!

No. of guests: 10-18

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills

3. SaffronStays Gardenia

Turn your group celebrations a notch up by making it a pool party! This stunning holiday home has a luxurious infinity pool that you can enjoy with some barbecue and drinks on the side. A 4-bedroom property, the villa also features a terrace with mesmerising views — perfect for a moonlit cocktail night or sundowner. 

No. of guests: 8-16

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Gardenia

6. SaffronStays Aura

Travelling as a pack can be difficult but we’re here to provide a hassle-free experience. This 5-bedroom villa in Alibaug offers several cosy nooks to bond with your loved ones, while ensuring complete privacy and comfort for each guest. From the refreshing pool to the abundance of games, there are endless ways to stay entertained. Get your furry friends along too as this is a pet-friendly villa!

No. of guests: 10-24

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Aura

7. SaffronStays The Forest 

Situated in the middle of a forest, this stunning pool villa allows you to reconnect with nature in more ways than one. You can take pleasant walks through the jungle or go on a short trek to a nearby lake to soak in the scenery. The outdoor pool allows you to appreciate the surrounding greenery as you relax. Opt for the open air bathroom so you can be immersed in nature even while taking a shower!

No. of guests: 8-10

Book your getaway: SaffronStays The Forest

8. SaffronStays Thalassea

SaffronStays Thalassea sits right on Thal Beach and screams vacation! The 3-bedroom villa is airy and boasts some vibrant interiors that will keep your mood lifted. It has a lovely combination of five-star service and homely vibe. You can be at this beachfacing villa and enjoying the cool sea breeze within 30 minutes of Mandwa Jetty!

No. of guests: 6

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Thalassea

9. SaffronStays Osaree

Taking its name from the large verandah that can accommodate 2-3 families, SaffronStays Osaree’s 5-bedroom villa in Alibaug is just a hop, skip and jump away from the beautiful secluded Kihim beach. Special seafood delicacies await you after a refreshing swim, while a lingering fragrance of Nilgiri and a casual earthiness surrounds you everywhere you go in this private abode.

No of guests: 15 – 25

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Osaree

10. SaffronStays Summer Salt

If you’re the kind of person waiting to burst out of the urban jungle and find your paradise for the weekend, then SaffronStays Summer Salt is the place to be. Embracing nature to the fullest, this 6-bedroom home is all things earthy and nostalgic, fun and fresh. You can tuck into lip-smacking Alibaug-style meals, catch up on reading with a large collection of books in the in-house library or walk down to Akshi beach just 5-minutes away.

No of guests: 18 – 25

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Summer Salt

See? You don’t need far off destinations and long drives for the ideal vacation. A quick trip on the RoRo ferry will get you to the holiday of your dreams! So pick one of these 10 luxury villas in Alibaug and get your holiday started.

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